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标题: hermes birkin-price at the hermes store [打印本页]

作者: liandy12    时间: 2011-12-14 11:52     标题: hermes birkin-price at the hermes store

i just bought my wife a white 35 in epsom leather with palladium hardware at a hermes boutiuqe with a between $ 8000 and $ 9000. i have done my duty as a man and husband. i can die in peace knowing that i have accomplished mission impossible. but i still have to take out the garbage and beg for sex,hermes bracelets, go figure! please don't ask me what us city we bought it in because i don't want every freaking birkin diehard converging on this location but they always had at least one on display everyday while we were vacationing so i was asking myself,hermes bags discount, what's the big deal,hermes shop online, all this talk about 2yr waiting list, etc. i'm sure they had some in the back also,hermes enamel bracelet, the sales associate said they usually received one or two a day from paris. maybe this crappy economy has reduced demand in the us and hermes has some extra inventory. all i know is it saved me alot of time and money plus peace of mind because i was planning to go the ebay route,cheap hermes bags, yuck!! source (s): the recently gave away a black birkin and i recall that it was valued at $ 8300. i can't believe i am doing research at a purse website. but i wanted to know what i was getting into. all this for a birkin for my dear wife. marriage can really change a man.

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