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标题: [ Hermes ] Hermes scarf (Hermes) scarf 2011 [打印本页]

作者: liandy12    时间: 2012-2-16 10:41     标题: [ Hermes ] Hermes scarf (Hermes) scarf 2011

reported yesterday, the faithful traveled with hermes (hermes) 2011 media appreciation event, which are spacious and bright, colorful scarves as scarves fluttering like butterflies poster exhibition to network series compiled especially profound impression ,shop hermes, do not know whether the faithful feel the same report it? the new autumn and winter 2011 hermes (hermes) scarves series ,hermes sac, contains the brazilian artist hand-painted interesting pattern of poker
designed by the architect dimitri rybaltchenko called kelly bag body to express and re- interpretation of this classic designer bag section for the imagination ; from the paris fashion illustrator to a variety of hermes (hermes) scarf -line plotted illustration , and thus design known as the mashi (hermes) scarf has its own name , or carrying a moving story ,hermes collection, or contains the essence of a culture ,hermes bag price, now ,hermes bags 2011, and posters on the net compiled code together to understand it.

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