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标题: Hermes to market their own unique table [打印本页]

作者: liandy12    时间: 2012-2-2 12:34     标题: Hermes to market their own unique table

rabbit in china before the arrival of hermes group in shanghai yaohan opened the first in mainland china's second world watches jewelry store, is the world's fourth first in paris, france, the second wangfujing in beijing, taipei 101 in the third, just one month earlier than in shanghai.
hermes leather known, annual sales of watches and clocks products account for only about 6% of total sales, but watch the business has been more and more attention. hermes watches other products is relatively unique nature, is completely different areas of expertise.
hermes watch-making tradition dates back to the 1920s, when hermes saddle of its production process first used in the production of leather strap, this watch is hermes and become attached to the beginning.
1928, the first a hermes table 24 in paris fubao avenue headquarters presented. that time, the prestigious hermes and top swiss watch brands such as jaeger-lecoultre, vacheron constantin, audemars piguet. until 1978, hermes was established in switzerland, bill watches his own workshop. in 1998, it expanded watches sector to invest substantial resources to the hermes watches new plant. in 1999, a new watch factory in the factory not far from completed, more than three times larger than the former, as a base for hermes watches today. watch as the cause of love,hermes birkin bag price, 2006,hermes birkin 25cm, hermes ed also a long history of producing high-end swiss mechanical movement of the company vaucher manufacturefleurier investment capital injection of 25 million swiss francs, 25% of the shares.
through investment and cooperation,hermes constance bag, hermes to market their own unique watches, these watches are equipped with hermes by vaucher to specially crafted mechanical movement. gullaume think this is a fashion brand hermes watches apart from many important features of the watch. indeed, the mechanical movement has always been the major brands to enter the watch market weakness, they are often dressed in the cloak of the brand, but with a movement from the same factory produced the research and development,hermes birkin 25, to production,hermes constance, forging, are hermes conducted his own factory, we produce really belong to hermes watches.

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