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fourth: let wanton youth some smiles to some of
twenties after the girl is a time when youth, the youth can have a lot of unbridled bloom. girls can be stubborn when appropriate, we could have the pride of some appropriate time, you can make those beautiful lips slightly affects. twenties girl is beautiful, can freely laugh, cry can be stubborn. do not afraid of losing their twenties girl, youth is just beginning, we have lost the capital, we can re-start their pursuit. twenties, most girls do really own, love left the most beautiful smile, make love all clear presentation, to ganaiganhen, dare to pursue.
after the girl to the twenties, is a most beautiful flower in full bloom, flowering season, girls just have to remember to open yourself, do not allow for others to accept their unnecessary destruction of flowering . twenties girl is a cup of tea, one of the delicate taste to be given to people who know, do not let people who do not taste the pure flavor of your violation. twenties girl is the sky blue chip, but it is sad, it can be spacious, but, remember, it must be the pursuit of.
five: stay away from foam idol
thirteen: find a husband can help you achieve your dreams
girl to the twenties, it has a clear dream, and then to go hard with this dream, a dream when you determine, after ten million do not change, just like when you can find to help you achieve the dream of a man, do find ways to make him as your husband. some women dream of their own do not think a person can achieve, or some very good woman, maverick want through their own efforts to realize their dreams, but with the backing of a man, this dream can be well achieved, in particular, to provide financial support to the men.
now the dream in life, there seems to be little girls, some girls just want to have a simple task with a simple love with a man with a happy life. the really good man, they will want their wife is ambitious woman, so if a woman has a dream, a man will fully support. women can make their dreams together with their married a man with, as long as he is willing to help you achieve your dreams, it shows that he is a man appreciate you.

six: learn patience and tolerance
girl to the twenties, it has to slowly learn patience and tolerance, and society is not a capricious place, that the eldest of the temper to a slow convergence because there may be some time because you care about will make you lose self-esteem, to be blamed for uneducated women. unfriendly to people who smile in good faith, that is to shame the other side, can also be generous and considerate to others leave a good impression. patience is not weak, nor is shangzi zun, but tolerant united states. please put down the righteous bad temper, at the appropriate time to step in, you can not only reflect the conservation, but also make you a popular girl.
life will encounter a lot of unfair things, you will encounter many people who can not accept, we can not try to change others, very angry with their loud accusing others of behavior, it is better to understand the mentality huaizhe to each other a smile, no one person will not hurt a good person. hoarse and can not win arguments with others, the so-called self-esteem, but you lose self-esteem.
girl to the twenties, it has to start from the false idol, and television in the prince charming and cinderella are the life of the boy or girl longing, and it does not really exist, like the television show the emergence of some plot sometimes deeply affect people's ideas, such as some of the television show will be vicious mother, or find people who actually love their own siblings, these circumstances is to make people's mood swings, and it does not link with real life, it is beyond the life of a girl should not indulge in such false fairy tale atmosphere, and have time to look at that would help their programs.
want to know the community and not by those foam idol, they are poisonous, some people were poisoned deep, it will allow them to directly affect their outlook on life and values,nfl jerseys las vegas, or a night like flourishes in life penniless there may be, but not like the television show to play the simple and direct,womens nfl jerseys, there is no love and affection, as the film never never and cruel idol will affect people's ability to judge the community, so please stay away from foam idol . i believe a good girl, should not spend a lot of time indulging in idol's.
three: to try to discover the beauty of life
girl to the twenties, it has to escape from those gloomy novel, it only makes you more attached with the more recent grief, life is not fiction plot replica. do not always a reminder of their encounter misfortune, to know in this world than you have a lot of people, unfortunately, as long as they looked up to see the sun is lucky, those living in the frustration of a person's life than it is just a then small, but the episode. want to gain a foothold in this society, we must have peace of mind, worry about the outcome of life, we always have the choice, but it also was selected with others, we should have a spirit of ah q, suffering and happiness of life is our choice why let yourself wallow in the pain of it?
some people because of feelings of frustration or work yourself into an unfortunate thought, which led to a pessimistic person they will become, whether to do something all have fear, afraid of losing, or that he will not a success. a person to present themselves as what she can only live in their own hearts to set their own prison, and who has qualified to say that he will not succeed? who can say he will not succeed? who wants to succeed who are optimistic, pessimistic, always obstacles to success, only the positive sentiment will make life better, that tomorrow will be better than today, as long as you work, the society must be fair,air max 90 laser blue, do not complain about life, or can prove to you that he did not really work.
seven: cultivate a healthy attitude, attention to their body
girl to the twenties, it has to learn to adjust their attitude, and properly protect their body. the body is the most important, i believe everyone knows, but really doing it, is not a simple matter. twenties girl diet should begin to pay attention has been recommended to look at some books on diet. any of a girl, do not order this or that reason not to take care of their health, no matter how good tomorrow, and you always a sick attitude to meet it, it does not feel it's better .

twelve: love, marriage is jointly owned with the
girl to the twenties, we must face the pressure of marriage, some would say love with marriage are two different things, a man can marry a woman is to live together , not necessarily their true love, a woman married to a man is to give yourself a warm and comfortable home, but not be their true love is. faced with these remarks, it seems many people to get married and marriage, family and social pressure to get married and get married. some people get married is a purpose may be to make himself a place to stay, it may be helpful to the cause of the future, there may be what your body from the other side.
ask those sweet the wedding, you know sometimes you can love and marriage is jointly owned, the so-called marriage is the tomb of love, can only say do not know how to operate the two sides of love, i believe that when two people decide to get married , the two sides must be feeling the other side, just make love after marriage become dull day. this is just because after marriage, men and women are put down in romantic love, into the work. those who do not marry the girl, do not get married away for certain purposes, marriage is a very simple thing, do not engage in so complex, i believe that every girl is eager to love. when the girl met the man when his beloved, you will find, want him, it may not matter rich or poor, does not matter of life and death. do not marry the girl to get married, and do not want a life to get married.

xi: left any man, you are alive and well
girl to the twenties, we must deal with their emotions sensible, a lot of girls, because a man alive and painful and negative , who can not grasp the feelings of the won, why should a man and let yourself in an unpleasant mood as well? you do not know how to appreciate a man, you are not eligible sad sad for him, every girl is beautiful, she was waiting for a man appeared to understand her, a man of the left, you can only say that to understand man has not yet appeared, a man not a girl full of life, rather than let himself fall into a hopeless love, as chic turn, enrich themselves, to work yourself into learning, so that one day you find out your man is so successful, will regret he had to leave you!
once i thought i left him i can not live, then i asked myself a hundred times: to leave him, i can not live? the results of 120 times the answer is: i will live well. girls do not trample on their own, do not think that compromises will be able to return a man's love, love is beautiful, girl is beautiful, not any man blasphemy! leave the man you do not understand appreciate, this is the most magnificent turn, though unwilling, but the ordeal but he did not allow energy to operate your work or study.
nine: has financial motivation, learning investment management
girl to the twenties, we must learn to financial management, do not think they can not become rich, they spend money, and do not believe that tomorrow is not earned after the money, and make today should not spend the money on the place. now the market has a lot about financial aspects of the book are good, the girls have time to look at, to develop good financial habits, money begets money, you can read some more books on investment and operation, they are intangible wealth. girls, no matter how much your income now, have a plan for your future, smart woman should know how to spend money, how money is actually an art.
marry's husband is a very rich man, there are times she told me that his husband, she said: my husband sometimes prefer to spend a lot of money to buy something, but when in hua xiaoqian care. at that time do not understand, then think about only to find his money is the reason why her husband because he knows how to spend money, spend money on practical things, whether it is how you can bat under the eyes, and some life extra money you could save on the province. some rich people in life will demonstrate mean, this is they have been accustomed to, otherwise, they will not become rich.

four: people with a good idea to make friends
girl to the twenties, it has to start with the purpose of to choose friends and contacts in the community is very important, and you choose to join friends circle of your life will have a great impact, if your friends are all positive and optimistic person, you will be their infection, if your friend is a pessimist, all living only know complain , but not down to earth work, a long time, you will also be infected. time in their choice of friends is very important, and sometimes if you want to know a person, but also from his friends what kind of person to understand his character. do not make friends easily, but also pay attention to what people choose to make friends with.
a good friend can make your life has changed dramatically, he makes you optimistic. after the girl to the twenties, to more friends, selfish little means to pay more for their helpful friends, you can learn something from them, but xiangjiaopengyou, you have them paid in good faith, not just to want to use their only contact with them, no one is a fool, you are good and bad for others, others are clearly visible. with their own faith and those who have thought it best to make friends!

one: the girl has taste
to the twenties, it has to start learning to operate their own intentions, and it is reflected in their appearance as well as conservation, every girl is special, there should be their own unique taste, many girls may feel taste and fashion or luxury goods is linked, in fact, is not, taste is one thing to observe the attitude, the same thing, different people will appear under the eyes of different versions, the value of their goods and grade level is not related to the girl to use their own eyes to appreciate one thing, the high-taste to pick something.
to some extent, a person's taste and her temperament is complementary, depending on the level of quality in everyday life a girl on the discovery of new things, quality is its own unique flavor, every girl should have own taste, wearing a cheap jewelry as long as a part of its alternative, it can also show their taste. normal when you can look at the fashion magazines, clothing, etc. to enhance the look of appreciation on their degree.

eight: let beauty be your capital
girl to the twenties, the beauty you will begin to play a role, and at the appropriate time to hold enough of your beautiful voice. beautiful girl has every appearance of not so beautiful appearance as your capital, when needed with the use of look, it can open a lot of trouble in your life, although sometimes people say girls are beautiful vase however, if placed in a vase right place, it is a work of art. the girl's youthful beauty is only a short few years, so make good use of your beauty.
but the girls can not because of beauty into a complacency, has a beautiful appearance but also has the inherent wisdom is the good woman, girls and reasonable use of your own beauty, do not short because of his beauty and let yourself sink.

ii: develop reading habits
girl to the twenties, you have started slowly with the society, and in the process of interaction with others, conversation and self-cultivation is the best to conquer others. i do not believe that a girl does not like reading, she will be full of wisdom. all right, go to the bookstore shopping, pick a few that could seriously upgrade their home to buy books to read, whether famous or financial aspects, or incentives, and are worthy of our study areas, the book allows people to abundant life, but also allows people's ideas change, choose to read a good book, better than a good counselor.
like reading girl, she must be quiet and have a good attitude, because in the books of the sea, the girl can absorb the nutrients big mouth. girls like to read, she must chukouchengzhang and elegant intellectual woman. read carefully, allowing peace of mind, and books are great fun in the hidden, when faced with a book of interest, you will find a pleasant mood, and each book have a lot of wisdom , read the books will be the girl's social capital, i believe that no one likes a girl with a superficial exchanges. choose the right book, it can teach people a lot of philosophy, and will let you learn in a calm state of mind to meet life's pain or pleasure.
ten: who says women than men
girl to the twenties, we must firmly believe that whether in life or in the workplace, not only men to have done some, the idea of ​​women are now trendy, successful women in all walks of life have appeared, as long as the woman worked hard, she can also shuttle in a man's world. women have a lot of capital in the workplace, women slightly advantage in some industries, the women will play their own unique advantages to the scraps of, they are all beautiful, capable of temperament, tough attitude, can make a man surrender. women do not always think in the kitchen development, the ability of female talent that allows men to enjoy, now out of fashion the role of a housewife, has a lot of wonderful world outside waiting for a woman to pursue.
do not want to attach a man a woman in this society, who must have no reason not care who. how a woman attached to a man, she would have his own ideas, compulsive in this environment, men also like to have personality and capable woman. who says women than men? to it, as long as you have your own piece of the sky, you also afraid of this piece of sky without clouds it? as long as you are a talented woman, but also fear of good men do not appreciate you?
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